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Upcoming Gadgets in the Future

Although nothing is certain, there is speculation on upcoming gadgets in the future. As we all know, as time goes by innovations in technology are being made. When a new gadget is released to the public, another one is already in the works. Having the inside scoop on what can be in store for consumers in the future is quite exciting. Some of the gadgets that are in the works are:

1. iPhone 2015
In the year 2015, the iPhone of all iPhones is expected to be released. This uses a technology still being developed, called the iScroll, which is a contact lens display system in order to increase user integration and to make phone manipulation easier. However, one of the major issues being worked out is the insertion and removal of the contact lenses.

2. Gadgets with infinite battery life
This is trying to be achieved by making products more integrated with our daily lives along with using new technology.

3. iPad 3
It has been said that this will be launched on February 24, 2012 (in honor of Steve Jobs). The iPad 3 will run on an A6 Quad Core ARM Cotrax processor, it has a Retina HD screen and a camera that has LED flash support.

4. Flexible AMOLED Display Device by Samsung
This year Samsung will be releasing a mobile device in which owners can fold their mobile device. Not only is this an attractive feature but it also increases portability. The screen size is expected to be 43.5 inches and have an 800×480 resolution.

5. Powerful Tablets
The tablets being released in 2012 are going to be very powerful. The Dell tablets will have an Intel Cor i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, HD display resolution screen, and run on Windows 8. The camera from camera as well as the back will also be improved.

We will be purchasing these gadgets in the future. With all these new devices, you’ll be able to send your favorite Twitter emoticons to your friends from anywhere in the world. The technology being used for these devices are both innovative and exciting. They will definitely have an impact on our lives and make our lives easier.