What to consider before testing your website

A website is just like a pet because you have to take good care of it all the time including the time before it gets launched. It is like the foundation of what could be building blocks to success like smartbear.com. A website is certainly no joke as it needs to be taken seriously in order to get to the next level. Here are things one must remember before testing the website:

1) Proofread

Just like an article, it is important to read everything to see if there are no errors. There might be some grammatical errors you may have overlooked. You could have also misspelled some words so it would be better to correct those errors before the whole world sees it.

2) Check links

Some of the links you put in the website may not be working. You could have forgotten to put the http:// there so better double check on that. A website visitor will certainly be disappointed if he is kept hanging due to a link that is not working. You can only blame yourself if something like that happens.

3) 404 page error

You can actually build a nice looking 404 error page if a similar website experiences that. You can now lead them to your website or another that is useful.

4) Back Up

It is important to have a back up database so that everything would still be there when it crashes. You will certainly regret it when you were not able to save anything.

5) Print Style Sheet

This is such a good idea because when someone wants to print a page or two out of your website, they would only want the main content and not the other things that come along with it like the menu bar and links.

6) Download a website test checklist

It contains everything you need to do before you set out and test your website. A checklist would certainly be very helpful in any important task and that includes testing a website. You can also add some items to the checklist

7) Time to optimize

You may want to test your website for optimization performance. This is going to help load your web page a lot quicker than you thought it would.

Before testing a website, you are going to have to keep a lot of things in mind. It is important to catch a lot of people’s attention with your website so you need to do those things first.


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