The future of artificial intelligence

The age old question asking, “has art copied life or vice versa”, has surfaced again. Although, the provoking suggestion that the future of artificial intelligence has arrived, explains how it is no longer a fad or sci-fi movie. Founded in 2010, by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Anki Drive will be available soon in the United States.

Robotics Rule
Most people know that robotics are used in video games, televisions, and small kitchen appliances. That same technology is now found in the engine of a special car, bringing the speed to 250 mph. I am speaking of software so intelligent, the sensors can control all aspects of the steering. In order to achieve precise handling, one can make a turn without slowing down and not disturbing the car’s weight distribution.

Drive Into the Future
In a real life video game, Anki has created the “virtual reality” of drag racing. The setup: real cars, real people, video performances. The cars have sensors that change thousands of times within a single second. Anki Drive is available only on iOS.

Life as we know it
Artificial intelligence has the potential to change our lives completely. Meteorologists have used futuristic computers for years to give weather stats. Although not always 100% accurate, they are able to spot hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other major catastrophes before they occur. This science will continue to improve with the superior technology available to each generation. Consider the simple concept of vacuuming your carpet. In a mere 10 years, you may be able to purchase a vacuum that cleans every surface in your home, including swimming pools (we are closer than you think to this being sold today).

There are thousands of people training and getting immunized because they are interested in traveling to Mars. The moon is old news and this is because technology gives us light years of innovation to make travel to our planets possible. Today, it would take years to travel to a planet in our solar system. However, this generation would like to see their children travel within a few hours to reach the moon.

The wonderful ideas that are in development today, will become reality tomorrow. Our world is a virtual phenomenon.


What to consider before testing your website

A website is just like a pet because you have to take good care of it all the time including the time before it gets launched. It is like the foundation of what could be building blocks to success like A website is certainly no joke as it needs to be taken seriously in order to get to the next level. Here are things one must remember before testing the website:

1) Proofread

Just like an article, it is important to read everything to see if there are no errors. There might be some grammatical errors you may have overlooked. You could have also misspelled some words so it would be better to correct those errors before the whole world sees it.

2) Check links

Some of the links you put in the website may not be working. You could have forgotten to put the http:// there so better double check on that. A website visitor will certainly be disappointed if he is kept hanging due to a link that is not working. You can only blame yourself if something like that happens.

3) 404 page error

You can actually build a nice looking 404 error page if a similar website experiences that. You can now lead them to your website or another that is useful.

4) Back Up

It is important to have a back up database so that everything would still be there when it crashes. You will certainly regret it when you were not able to save anything.

5) Print Style Sheet

This is such a good idea because when someone wants to print a page or two out of your website, they would only want the main content and not the other things that come along with it like the menu bar and links.

6) Download a website test checklist

It contains everything you need to do before you set out and test your website. A checklist would certainly be very helpful in any important task and that includes testing a website. You can also add some items to the checklist

7) Time to optimize

You may want to test your website for optimization performance. This is going to help load your web page a lot quicker than you thought it would.

Before testing a website, you are going to have to keep a lot of things in mind. It is important to catch a lot of people’s attention with your website so you need to do those things first.


3 new digital media technologies you can use at home



There are several digital media technologies. Everybody used these but mostly for different reasons. Digital media technologies are a great invention you can use at home for several fun uses.One popular digital media technology is the new 3D television. These have become very popular in the last couple years. The price of them can be rather expensive but they are well worth it. When using these televisions you will be required to use 3D glasses.  These televisions really make any movie you can think of watching come to life in your home. Another digital media technology that is new is the mini iPad. These are great for anybody to use. The smaller iPad is ideal for individuals who like to travel with their IPad. You can purchase these for a slight bit cheaper than the average IPad. The mini IPad offers several fun features. You can take pictures and make videos. You can also play games and search the web. An iPad is basically a convenient, touchscreen computer. iPads are great platform for gaming, viewing digital media and even using video editing software.  One last fun digital media technology you can use at home would be Wii U. This is a new gaming system that was just released. This system allows several players to enjoy a game at once. The controller has an actual screen on it. This game system also has real time chat on it. This means you can video chat with friends and family on this game system. You can purchase one of these for a fairly reasonable price at many different electronic stores.

These are just a few out of many fun digital media technologies that can be used at home. These technologies are great for children and adults. Make sure you keep these in mind when looking for the next fun electronic technology to purchase. You and your family will be glad you made this purchase!

How Online Shopping Cart Software Works

Online shopping cart software is what makes the difference between a website and an online storefront. An online cart displays products, manages inventory, calculates sales tax and shipping, and allows customers to pay for their order. There are two basic types of shopping cart software: licensed carts with a yearly software licensing fee and hosted carts where users pay a monthly fee for an all-in-one solution.

Licensed shopping cart software lets users integrate the shopping cart into an existing website. This would be a solution for anyone who already has a hosted website and is comfortable adding the cart’s source code to his or her website.

A hosted shopping cart is an ecommerce solution containing everything a budding Internet entrepreneur needs to get started. For a monthly fee and often a percentage of each sale, a hosted storefront with ready-made templates is provided. Users upload their products, set prices, shipping costs and tax rates, and then they are ready to start promoting their store.

All online stores need a payment processor to be able to accept debit cards, credit cards and electronic checks online. Shopping card software will list which payment processors the software is compatible with; some hosted shopping carts offer payment processing as part of their service.

The two most important factors to consider when choosing any shopping cart software are how easily customers can make purchases and how safe they feel doing so. Many other factors should weigh in the decision to choose one ecommerce solution over another but if customers feel like shopping at an online store is a hassle or they don’t feel comfortable using their credit card, the online business will fail.

Other features to look for in shopping cart software includes design options to customize the storefront, the ability to sell an unlimited number of products, the ability to offer coupon codes, and a mobile version of the storefront.

Top 5 Printers With The Cheapest Ink And Toner Cartridges

The top 5 printers with the cheapest ink and toner cartridges is hard to narrow down since the price of both printers and cartridges have dropped in price over the past year but the top one that comes to mind is the Canon Pixma iP4820. The Canon Pixma iP4820 offers vibrant photos and clear text. The Canon Pixma iP4820 Color Inkjet Printer does all of it’s tasks fairly quickly as well as quietly. When the iP4820 was tested it produced well in both color and black and white. The Canon Pixma iP4820 Printer is Energy Star-compliant and gives you the ability to print on both sides of the paper without having to flip the paper over to print the other side.

The next top printer is the HP Officejet 6000 Wireless Printer. The best feature about this printer is that it is wireless but it also ranks at the top of the list because of the cheap accessories. The HP Officejet 6000 Wireless Printer is also Energy Star-compliant and gives you the ability to print on both sides of the paper without having to flip the paper over to print the other side just like it’s competition listed above.

The next printer is the HP Deskjet 1000 that offers a cheaper printer as well as cartridges but the quality doesn’t seem as well. The best quality printings form this printer seems to be the black and white copies. The paper speed for printing is also slightly slower at only six to eight pages per minute.

The Canon MP280 is a quality printer that does not cost an arm and a leg to replace the ink. This printer offers a scanner, a copier as well as a printer. The printer capability is slightly higher than the HP Deskjest 1000 at eight to ten pages per minute.

A Lexmark E2600 ends the list of Top 5 printers With the Cheapest Ink And Toner Cartridges. The Lexmark E2600 is a higher priced printer but when it is time for your ink to be replaced you will not find much cheaper than this printer ink.

Choosing the Right Laptop

When preparing to purchase a new laptop computer, it is always important to have a few things in mind before you even begin to consider laying down any money. Without answering these questions you may find yourself either buying way more machine than you need or not getting enough. If you happen to buy a machine In either case you could end up spending far more money in the long run to get what you actually need. You can choose a new computer or a used computer, each has its pros and cons. Looking locally for a laptop by searching for example “used laptop San Francisco”, can save you money but the laptop may be an older model. Buying new can cost you a lot of money but you have top of the line specs. This might be something to consider, also here are some other things to consider.

What Is The Use?

This may be one of the most important questions to answer. Simply by having an idea of what your laptop will be used for you may be able to narrow down your compute options. For instance, if the new laptop will be used for gaming and things like video editing then major considerations for the hardware of a new machine will have to do with high processor speed as well as graphic card upgrades.

If however the new machine will be used for documentation at work then a stable hard drive as well as available expansion space including USB external devices could be the most important thing to consider in hardware. This would include the ability to easily back up work.

How Much Is Too Much?

If this laptop will be traveling allot then you may also want to take special time to consider the overall size of any new laptop. This can include things such as preference in not only screen size but keyboard style as well as weight. By having an idea of what you are willing to carry regularly you may be able to narrow down your options in make and model of laptop as well as overall size.

How Will You Connect?

Most laptops available today allow for multiple means of internet connection. You should ensure that if you will be using your machine to connect via Wi-Fi that the machine has that availability. This also holds true for alternate connection types such as Ethernet, dial up and blue-tooth for device connections.

More Personal Considerations

Some great features which can be very helpful on a laptop can also be an internal camera for web-chatting as well as a mic. You can also get laptops with back-lit keyboards which can make typing easier for novices. You may also want to consider the other keys included which are often associated with media play such as DVD’s

Recent Advances in Mobile Phone Technology

Mobile phones and mobile phone service are advancing at a rapid rate of speed. They can also be used for a variety of things other than making phone calls. The latest mobile phone technology makes it easy for users to get directions, check email, journal, set an alarm and text via voice command. It seems whatever your interests a mobile phone application has been designed for it.

If you’re interested in astronomy, there is a mobile phone application that uses GPS capabilities to map out the night sky. Simply point your phone at a particular star, and it will tell you what planet or constellations you are pointing to. You can even see what the sky would look like in Australia by pointing your phone to the ground.

Have you ever heard a song and can’t remember the name of it or the band? The latest phone technology has now made it possible to dial a phone number and point your phone toward the radio or TV. The number connects to a network and analyzes the song based on its components. Once it has been analyzed, it sends a text message with the name of the song, band and offers to download it to your phone.

Mobile phones are not only loaded with a plethora of gadgetry, but they are now made to be more powerful. When a phone is more powerful, they are able to do more. Cameras and video technology on a mobile phone may appear sharper and bright. Instead of passing your phone around to share your latest pictures, you can project them onto a screen. Newer mobile phones have built in projectors similar to laptops. All you have to do is point your phone at a wall and you’re able to share your pictures at the same time.

It’s now safer and easier to text. The latest mobile phone advancements let users dictate text messages into their phone to send to friends, family and co-workers.

Technology doesn’t stop with the inner workings of the phone. The latest mobile phones are also designed to be smaller, lighter and easier to handle.

These are just a few examples of the most recent advances in mobile phone technology. The ideas and pace of mobile development are moving at an accelerating rate and the phones of the future are sure to be amazing.


Get a Good Deal on Electronics

No matter what electronic item you’re in the market to purchase, there’s always ways to find a good deal to save money. You don’t have to pay full price for that high-definition flat-screen television set, CD player, digital camera, digital camcorder and other electronic merchandise. Good deals on electronic items can be found by searching in the right places and doing a little research.

Electronic stores slash prices during weekly and annual sales. Join the stores’ e-mail lists and keep recent copies of their sales catalogs and newspaper advertisements. Many stores will honor a competitor’s price on the same item, plus an added discount such as 10 percent. All you have to do is present the competitor’s sales advertisement. Some of the best deals on electronics can be found during Black Friday, After Christmas and Back to School sales.

Older Models
Technology in electronics is constantly changing. This sometimes leaves an adequate supply of inferior or discontinued models in stock at electronics stores. Stores often stock these models next to the newer ones. Just by simply purchasing an older model television, DVD player, radio, computer and other electronics, you can save money compared to purchasing the newer model.

Pawn Shops/Thrift Stores
Pawn shops and thrift stores are stocked with electronics that are priced cheaper than at retail stores. The items are used, but have been tested to ensure they are working properly. Pawn shops and thrift stores don’t accept non-working or damaged electronic items. Visit different pawn shops or thrift stores, so that you’ll have a wider selection to choose.

Yard Sales
When people clear out their homes of excess, you could benefit with bargains. Many people have more than one electronic item and sale it during yard sales. You could purchase an electronic item for a extremely low price at a yard sale. Most yard sales take place over the weekend. Early in the week, look in your local newspaper and search Internet message boards and postings for times and locations of the yard sales.

One of the keys to finding a good deal on electronics is being persistent. Don’t get discouraged and give up if at first you don’t find that perfect deal because you can always buy gift cards online that will act as a locked in deal for any gadget you want. Also, start your search early. You don’t want to ruin a special event that could have been captured on camera, movie night, sports game watch party or dance party because you couldn’t find a good deal.


Upcoming Gadgets in the Future

Although nothing is certain, there is speculation on upcoming gadgets in the future. As we all know, as time goes by innovations in technology are being made. When a new gadget is released to the public, another one is already in the works. Having the inside scoop on what can be in store for consumers in the future is quite exciting. Some of the gadgets that are in the works are:

1. iPhone 2015
In the year 2015, the iPhone of all iPhones is expected to be released. This uses a technology still being developed, called the iScroll, which is a contact lens display system in order to increase user integration and to make phone manipulation easier. However, one of the major issues being worked out is the insertion and removal of the contact lenses.

2. Gadgets with infinite battery life
This is trying to be achieved by making products more integrated with our daily lives along with using new technology.

3. iPad 3
It has been said that this will be launched on February 24, 2012 (in honor of Steve Jobs). The iPad 3 will run on an A6 Quad Core ARM Cotrax processor, it has a Retina HD screen and a camera that has LED flash support.

4. Flexible AMOLED Display Device by Samsung
This year Samsung will be releasing a mobile device in which owners can fold their mobile device. Not only is this an attractive feature but it also increases portability. The screen size is expected to be 43.5 inches and have an 800×480 resolution.

5. Powerful Tablets
The tablets being released in 2012 are going to be very powerful. The Dell tablets will have an Intel Cor i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, HD display resolution screen, and run on Windows 8. The camera from camera as well as the back will also be improved.

We will be purchasing these gadgets in the future. With all these new devices, you’ll be able to send your favorite Twitter emoticons to your friends from anywhere in the world. The technology being used for these devices are both innovative and exciting. They will definitely have an impact on our lives and make our lives easier.


Most Technologically Advanced Country

Technology is important in several different industries: Military, medical, information technology and engineering are all industries that rely on technology. Determining the most technologically advanced country means that you have to take its application of technology in all fields into consideration. A country cannot lead in just one sector and be considered the most advanced country when it comes to technology. When taking all the different industries into account, it is clear that the United States is the most advanced country when it comes to technology.

One of the fields where the U.S. tops the list is scientific research. The country leads the way with the most published scientific research papers. Scientific research has broad implications in many different fields. The U.S. has many of the top universities in the world, and scientific research is often conducted in these universities. Research is also conducted in the private sector.

Medical technology is also where the U.S. stands out. Currently, the U.S. dominates the medical technology field accounting for 40% of the global market for medical devices. Most of the worlds major medical technology companies are based in the U.S. Although the country has dominated the medical technology field for well over 50 years, countries like China, Brazil and India seem to be gaining ground.

The U.S. is also the most technologically advanced military country in the world. Some of these advancements have been implemented in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most people are familiar with the military drones the U.S. has used from time to time. The U.S. has the largest military budget in the world; research and development of new technologies has always been an important part of the military budget.

Although the U.S. is the leader in many different fields when it comes to technology, it still trails Japan when it comes to computer technology. Japan currently has the most powerful supercomputer in the world; the country with the second most powerful supercomputer is China, and the U.S. has the third fastest supercomputer. Japan also leads the way when it comes to consumer electronic technology; however, Japan trails the U.S. in all other areas.

Although the U.S. is clearly the most technologically advanced country right now, other countries are making advances that may allow them to catch up to the U.S. in the future. China, India, Brazil and Japan are all countries that are making impressive technological gains. The U.S. will have to concentrate even more on technology if it wants to hold its current ranking.