The future of artificial intelligence

The age old question asking, “has art copied life or vice versa”, has surfaced again. Although, the provoking suggestion that the future of artificial intelligence has arrived, explains how it is no longer a fad or sci-fi movie. Founded in 2010, by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Anki Drive will be available soon in the United States.

Robotics Rule
Most people know that robotics are used in video games, televisions, and small kitchen appliances. That same technology is now found in the engine of a special car, bringing the speed to 250 mph. I am speaking of software so intelligent, the sensors can control all aspects of the steering. In order to achieve precise handling, one can make a turn without slowing down and not disturbing the car’s weight distribution.

Drive Into the Future
In a real life video game, Anki has created the “virtual reality” of drag racing. The setup: real cars, real people, video performances. The cars have sensors that change thousands of times within a single second. Anki Drive is available only on iOS.

Life as we know it
Artificial intelligence has the potential to change our lives completely. Meteorologists have used futuristic computers for years to give weather stats. Although not always 100% accurate, they are able to spot hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other major catastrophes before they occur. This science will continue to improve with the superior technology available to each generation. Consider the simple concept of vacuuming your carpet. In a mere 10 years, you may be able to purchase a vacuum that cleans every surface in your home, including swimming pools (we are closer than you think to this being sold today).

There are thousands of people training and getting immunized because they are interested in traveling to Mars. The moon is old news and this is because technology gives us light years of innovation to make travel to our planets possible. Today, it would take years to travel to a planet in our solar system. However, this generation would like to see their children travel within a few hours to reach the moon.

The wonderful ideas that are in development today, will become reality tomorrow. Our world is a virtual phenomenon.


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